OverStocksis. A Dangerous Infectious Disease

Manage Excess Inventory is the panacea for every Supply Chain professional. According to McKinsey Global Survey of challenges ahead for supply chain; Reducing Operating costs and Inventory levels, are the main goals for Supply Chain Top Management. For instance, Pharmaceutical industry is specially sensitive to suffer overstock. Despite using leading-edge technology -the increasing number ofContinue reading “OverStocksis. A Dangerous Infectious Disease”

SC Certifications. A good idea to help you out filling the gaps

Passionate Supply Chainers all around the world are wondering whether studying a Certification makes sense or not. Allow me to say this is quite normal taking into account the huge number of them. Check out the Top 8 according to CIO magazine. You could have arrived to the Operations department a long time ago. PerhapsContinue reading “SC Certifications. A good idea to help you out filling the gaps”

5 reasons why Artificial Intelligence won’t take your Job

Admit it! Everyone is talking about it and there are no doubts that AI is here to stay. So, what is gonna happen? First of all, calm down. AI is a great software achievement and at the same time, a massive opportunity. Initially, let’s put aside all type of fantasies and science fiction. Overall, ArtificialContinue reading “5 reasons why Artificial Intelligence won’t take your Job”

The Dark Side of the Forecast: How to Conquer it

Following China Chang’e-4 mission landing on the far side of the Moon, let’s talk about the role of Forecast in business and more specifically in the Supply Chain. Everyone needs a Forecast. Because living in a hyperconnected world means infinite access to data. In the blink of an eye, trillions of algorithms are translating informationContinue reading “The Dark Side of the Forecast: How to Conquer it”

5 Mind blowing books you might give to yourself this Christmas

We live in a world of words. Spending most of the time on meetings, calls and presentations –  When was the last time you contemplated the content of your desk and shelves? Let’s see if this sounds familiar to you … When you smell a book there is a kind of ‘magic’ which send youContinue reading “5 Mind blowing books you might give to yourself this Christmas”

Top considerations for your Future SC Software Selection

Technology provides capabilities to optimize the operational planning processes of a company. Traditional Supply Chain (SC) software has been widely adopted for a long time, however companies’ No. 1 supply chain priority is to go a step forward on improving its planning capabilities Given growing SC Complexity and Volatility, it is becoming nearly impossible to reviseContinue reading “Top considerations for your Future SC Software Selection”

How to start investing on Biopharma stocks | Quick Guide

[This is Part 1 of a series of posts about Investing in Biopharma/BioTech companies] You have already heard and read comments about it, however you don’t know exactly where to start … we all have had the same feeling. Biopharma and Biotech companies are not very accessible stocks to follow-up, in comparison with other hugeContinue reading “How to start investing on Biopharma stocks | Quick Guide”

2018 CPhI worldwide at Madrid

About CPhI CPhI is an international brand where UBM (PharmExec, LCGC)  organizes the largest Pharmaceutical performances in terms of manufacturers’ number and companies involved. UBM is now a part of Informa, the leading B2B Information Services group. This is an important consideration that I could say, the potential of a company with such an immense intangible knowledgeContinue reading “2018 CPhI worldwide at Madrid”

What Can A Newborn Teach You About Supply Chain?

After nine months of preparation, there you are, ready or not, she smiled at you and you smiled her back, then you know that everything is gonna be alright. Here is my compilation of learned lessons that my newborn has explained me about Babies Supply Chain. Plan and Measure – Baby Dashboard First of all,Continue reading “What Can A Newborn Teach You About Supply Chain?”

Why is Supply Chain the Rockstar of Consumer Pharma?

The obsession of drug makers to re-evaluate and minimize Operational costs is the New Black. Nowadays Consumer Health (over-the-counter or GSL drugs) has a profit formula quite similar than the Retail business, but unfortunately delivering safety and quality are simply not enough. The decrease trend on sales of the biggest US drug retailers (WBA, MCK,Continue reading “Why is Supply Chain the Rockstar of Consumer Pharma?”

What role will Analytics and Artificial Intelligence play

The 2018 SAS Health and Life Sciences Executive Forum is an event in which global leaders across the health care ecosystem are coming to discuss key issues and opportunities around next-generation analytics. The main target of 2018 session held at Madrid was to get a deeper understanding of new analytical technology applications in pharma andContinue reading “What role will Analytics and Artificial Intelligence play”

Tearing Up the Rulebook: How Millennials are Changing Concepts of Forecasting

… In the past, software was not powerful enough to provide a reliable forecast, but now we have tools and resources that provide insight like never before. The question is, are you getting the most out of them? Everyone knows that the present and future is changeable, so why then are we still using theContinue reading “Tearing Up the Rulebook: How Millennials are Changing Concepts of Forecasting”

La Matriz Portfolio de Proyectos

  ¿Cómo mantener el orden de tus proyectos? ¿Tienes problemas a la hora de trabajar en varios proyectos a la vez? Es posible que te estés convirtiendo en un ‘slasher’ … del inglés ‘slash’ que significa barra alta. El termino fue acuñado por una famosa escritora del New York Times, el cual describe al crecienteContinue reading “La Matriz Portfolio de Proyectos”

Big Data and 21st century Supply Chains

Data is everywhere and manufacturing companies today are collecting increasingly massive amounts of data with the help of digital technologies. New strategies, improved skills and more powerful tools are needed to make sense of that data and crunch the numbers, and find useful insights that are buried in the data. This situation is elevating theContinue reading “Big Data and 21st century Supply Chains”