OverStocksis. A Dangerous Infectious Disease

Manage Excess Inventory is the panacea for every Supply Chain professional. According to McKinsey Global Survey of challenges ahead for supply chain; Reducing Operating costs and Inventory levels, are the main goals for Supply Chain Top Management. For instance, Pharmaceutical industry is specially sensitive to suffer overstock. Despite using leading-edge technology -the increasing number ofContinue reading “OverStocksis. A Dangerous Infectious Disease”

Tearing Up the Rulebook: How Millennials are Changing Concepts of Forecasting

… In the past, software was not powerful enough to provide a reliable forecast, but now we have tools and resources that provide insight like never before. The question is, are you getting the most out of them? Everyone knows that the present and future is changeable, so why then are we still using theContinue reading “Tearing Up the Rulebook: How Millennials are Changing Concepts of Forecasting”