How to start investing on Biopharma stocks | Quick Guide

[This is Part 1 of a series of posts about Investing in Biopharma/BioTech companies] You have already heard and read comments about it, however you don’t know exactly where to start … we all have had the same feeling. Biopharma and Biotech companies are not very accessible stocks to follow-up, in comparison with other hugeContinue reading “How to start investing on Biopharma stocks | Quick Guide”

2018 CPhI worldwide at Madrid

About CPhI CPhI is an international brand where UBM (PharmExec, LCGC)  organizes the largest Pharmaceutical performances in terms of manufacturers’ number and companies involved. UBM is now a part of Informa, the leading B2B Information Services group. This is an important consideration that I could say, the potential of a company with such an immense intangible knowledgeContinue reading “2018 CPhI worldwide at Madrid”